How to Fix Unable to Download Apps on Google Play Store

Are you facing such sorts of problems like “can’t download the app otherwise you simply can’t download any Android apps or games from Google Play Store”? Then worry not! during this tutorial, you’ll learn several ways to repair can’t download the app from Play Store on Android devices.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is that the best-known source to download any Android games and apps and if you can’t download apps then it can cause you a headache because you can’t simply download apps or games from unknown sources that aren’t even verified by Google.

Meanwhile, once you find an exciting app or a game on the Google Play Store and obtain cursed with the ‘download’ or ‘pending’ message below the download bar, this is often possibly the foremost common problem faced by Android users. The download screen continues to display an equivalent message occasionally, even after expecting several minutes or possibly hours.

Method to fix Can’t Download App on Play Store

Before following the below steps remember one thing; There are a couple of aspects that have got to be confirmed by users. Google Play Store downloads just one app at a time, so every other app is currently downloaded or updated just in case the screen display is awaiting check. If so, either await the update to finish or avoid the download manually by moving to the My Apps & Games section.

The Google Play Store relies on other processes that run silently within the background. Whenever you wipe the Play Store, it’s also an honest idea to try an equivalent with Google Play services.

Now, if everything seems alright, the web is functioning, you’ve got enough storage on your phone, and you continue to can’t download it, then here’s what to try to do.

Step 1. attend the Settings app then tap Apps.

Settings app

Step 2. Now, either search or locate the Google Play Services app then tap thereon to open.

Google Play Services

Step 3. Select Storage.

Step 4. At last, tap Clear cache.

Clear cache

Now start to open Google Play Store and start downloading any app or game.

  • The first step is to open the Settings app then tap on the app.
  • look for Google Play Store and tap thereon to open.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Now, tap Clear cache.

This is how you’ll fix can’t download the app from Google Play Store. Most of the time by clearing both Google Play Services and Google Play Store the matter is going to be fixed. aside from this, you want to also check your internal storage before downloading an app.

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