Fixing a Laptop Touchpad Not Working on Windows (Resolved)

How to fix the laptop touchpad not working in windows: Without a touchpad, you can’t do anything unless you’ve got a mouse. you want to fix this problem on your laptop if you don’t have a mouse. Various sorts of these problems is arrow not showing in display, stop pointing device. If those problem is showing in your laptop you want to fix those problems.

Laptop Touchpad Not Working

You are brooding about the way to operate my laptop without a touchpad. That one solution is here. The keyboard is one of the simplest solutions. you would like to keyboard and connect with your laptop. I will be able to show you ways to repair the laptop touchpad not working problem together with your keyboard. Keep trying my solution.

1. Check Your Mouse Settings

First, you look for the touchpad brand that is on your laptop, by searching for your laptop model number on google search.

  • Press the Windows button on your keyboard and search the instrument panel within the search box.
  • Then open the instrument panel. Then open the Mouse Settings using the faucet button on your keyboard.

TouchPad Not Working

  • Now Tap the Elan option within the dialogue box. ( If you’re using another sort of manufacturer you click that Mouse option).

TouchPad Not Working

  • And check your pointing device Enable or Disable.

ouchPad Not Working

  • This solution didn’t work followed by another solution.

2. Troubleshooting Method

Many problems are solved by troubleshooting methods. So you want to roll in the hay for this touchpad problem. I will be able to assist you with the way to fix the touchpad not working problem in windows.

  • Launch instrument panel using previous keyboard method.
  • Then find the Troubleshooting method in your instrument panel. And open it.

ouchPad Not Working

  • Now select Hardware and Sounds using the faucet button on the keyboard.

TouchPad Not Working

  • Then click the subsequent option within the dialogue box using your keyboard.
  • Then you discover your pointing device and config settings.

Now your problem is fixed. If it’s not fixed follow another solution.

3. Reinstall Your Touchpad Drivers

Sometimes the package you install is corrupted or some errors can occur because you want to include another original driver download. Below we will show you how to download the touchpad driver.

  • attend your official laptop website and search your laptop with the model number. (ex: Lenovo E41-15)

TouchPad Not Working

  • And tap the driver’s option on the location. Then find your laptop suitable software.
  • Now download your touchpad software. And install the software on your laptop.
  • Now I feel your problem is fixed. You go and check your touchpad.

If this method doesn’t work follow another solution.

4. Update Your Driver

If you’re using the oldest driver for your touchpad it causes your touchpad not working problem. So you would like to update your touchpad driver. I will be able to show you ways to update your driver.

  • First, you are doing press the Window button. And search Run application within the search bar. And open it or click the type cut ( Windows key + R )
  • Then type those commands within the run application. devmgmt.msc

TouchPad Not Working

  • Next, select the Mice and Other Pointing Devices. Then click the arrow next button.
  • Now select the Properties option within the list. Open it.

TouchPad Not Working

  • Next, select the Driver tap. it’ll show you more options.
  • Then you decide on the Update Driver option. Now you decide on the Search automatically for the updated driver software option.

TouchPad Not Working

  • After the updated driver checks your touchpad work or not.

If the answer isn’t to figure on your laptop try another solution.

5. Check Your Laptop Keyboard Physical Button

Most of the keyboards of the laptop having this feature within the keyboard. Those keyboard havings disable your touchpad button. Maybe you unfortunately press this button. Now open your laptop and press the touchpad symbol on your keyboard and I feel your problem is now fixed.

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