How to Set Static IP Address in Windows 10 (Easy Method)

In general, computers and other devices hook up with the web employing a Dynamic or changing IP Address and If required, you’ll Set or Assign a Static IP Address to your Windows 10 PC.

How to Set Static IP Address

Setting Static IP Address in Windows 10

As mentioned above IP addresses of computers, telephones and other web-connected devices are assigned automatically by the DHCP Server (Modem / Router).

And by default the IP Address of the web-connected device changes whenever the DHCP contract expires and it can also change when the Modem / Router starts to restart.

You will also prevent this by assigning a Static IP Address to your PC using the steps below.

Step#1 – Find DHCP Server Address

Pay attention to DHCP Server Address (Router IP Address) and also Subnet Mask Address after you assign Static IP Address to your computer in next step.

1. Go to the prompt in the Windows search bar> right click on the prompt and select Run as Admin.

Command Prompt

2. In the prompt window, type ipconfig/all and press the Enter key.

Command Prompt

3. After the command is executed “WiFi” or “Ethernet” as needed then write down the Subnet Mask Address and DHCP Server Address (Router IP Address).

Command Prompt

4. Close the prompt window.

Step#2 – Set Static IP Address

Now just follow the steps below to overlay a Static IP Address on your computer.

1. attend Settings > click on Network & Internet.

2. Then on the next screen you select the Network type (WiFi or Ethernet) and click on the Change adapter options link under “Related Settings”.

Related Settings

3. Right-click on your active Network (WiFi or Ethernet) then click on Properties.

Related Settings

4. After that go to your properties screen select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) then click Properties.

Related Settings

5. Now enter the IPv4 properties screen then select the next IP Address option> then enter Default Gateway (DHCP Server Address), Address Subnet Mask, Static in IP Address, and click OK.

Related Settings

In IP Address Field got to be equivalent because of the Default Gateway Address and you’ll only change the last number set with any number from 1 to 255.

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