How To Stop Blocking Downloaded Files on Windows 10

Here we’ll assist you if you can’t open a file downloaded online, received as an e-mail attachment, or if you get a mistake trying to open it. to try to do so just right-click on the file then click properties and check the choice Unblock under the entire tab to unblock the chosen files.

Stop Blocking Downloaded

What is Attachment Manager in Windows 10?

You can use a security feature called Attachment Manager which blocks unsafe files downloaded from online, received via attachments, or transferred from another computer from being opened on your computer. The Attachment Manager in Windows 10 is supposed to protect Windows and your data from unsafe files that you simply may have downloaded or received as an attachment with an email. When the Attachment Manager detects that a file is unsafe, it will tell Windows and installed programs to open it or display a warning message before you open the file. counting on the type of program that you simply are using to download files, the type (file type) of the downloaded file, and thus the safety settings of the web content zone, Windows will either prevent or warn you once you plan to open the file. if you often download files online or receive files as email attachments so you’ll want to disable or stop Windows 10 from blocking files downloaded online.

Because Windows 10 doesn’t offer how to disable the Attachment Manager via Settings or the control panel and we’re here to edit the Registry manually to disable the feature. Complete the given below directions to point out on or off the Attachment Feature in Windows 10.

Attachment Manager via Registry

1: The first steps open the Registry Editor by typing Regedit within the search box and hitting the Enter key.

Then you’ll get a User Account Control prompt and click on the Yes button.

2: within the Registry Editor, navigate to the next key:


Blocking Downloaded Files

If the Attachment key does not exist you have to right click on the Policy key then click New then click on Lock and name it as Attachment. If there is an Attachment button, just proceed to the next step.

Blocking Downloaded Files

Step 3: select Attachment key then right click> click New> then DWORD 32-bit Value then name it ScanWithAntiVirus

Blocking Downloaded Files


Step 4: After that, double click on the ScanWithAntivirus value and change the value data to 1, which is useful for deactivating Attachment Manager in Windows 10

Blocking Downloaded Files

Now close Registry Editor then Save your work and Exit

Attachment Manager via Registry

Step 1: Navigate to the subsequent key within the Registry Editor:


Step 2: Double click on the ScanWithAntivirus value and change the value data to three.

Attachment Manager via Group Policy

Note that Group Policy Editor, Home edition users can use the Registry method mentioned above.

Step 1: After that type Gpedit.msc in the Start / taskbar search field and then press Enter to open the Group Policy Editor.

Step 2: within the Registry Editor, navigate to:

The first step select User configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Attachment Manager.

Step 3: Then do a double click on the policy do not preserve zone information in file attachments to open its properties.

Blocking Downloaded Files

Step 4: Select the Enabled option then Click the Apply button to save lots of the change.

Blocking Downloaded Files

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