How to Fix: Skype Not Opening in Windows 10 (Simple Method)

The problem of Skype not opening or responding in Windows 10 is typically reported after an Update and you’ll find below the steps to repair this problem on your computer.

Skype Not Opening or Responding in Windows 10

Skype Not Opening

If you are having problems about the Skype app not opening at all or suddenly stop responding while making an Audio or Video Call.

1. Allow Apps to Access Microphone & Camera

The first step is to confirm that the Applications on your computer are allowed to access the Microphone and Camera.

  • Just follow the steps here first go to Settings> Privacy> select Camera on the left panel and enable Allow Apps to access your Camera option.

Skype Not Opening

  • After that select Microphone in the left pane and enable it then Allow Apps to access the Camera hardware option.

2. Allow Skype to Access Webcam & Microphone

Then all you have to do is confirm that Skype has permission to access the Camera and Mic on your computer.

  • Go to Settings> select Privacy> select Camera in the left panel and the next step is to go to the right panel and Select which application can access your camera section and activate the slider next to Camera.
  • Then on the equivalent screen, you scroll down and move the slider next to Skype to the ON position.

Skype Not Opening

  • After that select Microphone scroll down to the section Allow Apps to Access Your Microphone and move the switch next to Skype position to ON.

After all the methods you have followed correctly all you have to do is restart your computer and see if Skype is now working.

3. Repair Skype App

If you experience a problem the Skype application can be damaged and this will be fixed using the application repair option that we provide here

  • The first step Settings > Apps > click on Apps & Features within the left pane and within the right-pane, scroll down and click on Skype > Advanced options.
  • After that on the next screen then scroll down and click on the Repair button.

Skype Not Opening

Once done, restart your computer and see if Skype is now working on your computer.

4. Reset Skype

If the repair options above don’t work you can also Reset Skype App and this can basically uninstall and reinstall Skype on your computer.

  • Then go to Settings> Applications> click on Applications & Features in the left pane and on the right pane then scroll down and click on Skype> Advanced options.

Skype Not Opening

  • Then on the confirmation pop-up you click Reset to verify.

Once the process is complete restart your computer and see if Skype is now working on your computer.

5. Reset Network Configuration

You need to know that sometimes network-related problems can also prevent Skype from working properly to fix it follow the methods we provide here regarding the network on your computer.

  • Open prompt > type ipconfig /release and press the enter key and this will release the present IP Address of your computer.

Skype Not Opening

  • After that, type ipconfig / renew then press the Enter key to update your computer’s IP address and Then also run the command netsh winsock reset, netsh int ip reset, ipconfig / flushdns, and ipconfig / registerdns.
  • Close the prompt window and Restart your computer.

After the Windows pc restarts, open Skype and see if it’s now working properly on your computer.

6. Check Firewall Blocking

Check if there is a possibility that Windows Defender Firewall or Firewall from Antivirus software program installed on your computer might be blocking Skype

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