Stop Autoplay Videos on Edge Chromium (Simple method)

Here we will show you how to stop Autoplay videos as it is the most annoying thing when surfing the web in public. So, during this guide, you will find out how to prevent autoplay videos on Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge is a fast and secure browser designed for Windows and launched first in 2015 for Windows 10 and Xbox One, then in 2017 for Android and iOS, and in 2019 for macOS. It is a secure browser that allows you to use it online, block ads, and consider reading view pages. You can also personalize your favorite browsing experience, reading list, and save passwords to get the simplest browsing experience you want.

How to Stop Autoplay Videos Edge Chromium

The classic Microsoft Edge app has several features to stop media content playing automatically on the following site how to open three-dot menu> Settings> Site permissions> Autoplay media then Block option in Edge.

Site permissions

Steps to enable the Media Autoplay Block option in Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.

Step 1. The first step namely Open Microsoft Edge Chromium-based and sort edge://flags/#edge-autoplay-user-setting-block-option into the address bar and press enter.

Open Microsoft Edge

Step 2. After that click to activate the option Show block flags in auto play settings with menu.

autoplay settings

Step 3. Then click on Restart at the bottom right corner of the screen

Step 4. Then click the three dots menu then select Settings

Step 5. Select Site permissions

Step 6. Scroll down and choose Media autoplay

Media autoplay

Step 7. After that click the menu next to set whether audio and video play automatically on the site then select the Block option to stop video auto-playing on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.


  • Allow: Useful for allowing us to control autoplay of video media in the foreground.
  • Limits: Useful to disable media autoplay when the video is muted when you want to use it, just clicking anywhere on the website will activate autoplay again.
  • Block: Useful to prevent the video from playing automatically until you interact with the video.

Wrapping Up

That’s the way to stop automatic video playback on Microsoft Edge Chromium by re-enabling the block option. Turning off autoplay videos will help your web browsing experience in an alternative way.

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