Fixed: Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform Operation

Here we will explain about SFC Scan or System File Checker scan is a useful utility found in every version of Windows OS. An SFC scan is useful for analyzing all system files for corruption and also fixing any problems found by changing corrupted system files with completely fresh and cached versions. Just follow the steps below to troubleshoot and fix this error.

Windows Resource Protection

Windows Resource Protection couldn’t Perform Requested Operation

1. If you run into Windows Resource Protection it finds no integrity violation as these problems are often honest computer news.

2. If you encounter the problem Windows Resource Protection cannot perform the requested operation: as this is often an error message indicating that the SFC scan could not be completed.

If you get the second message try running SFC Scan in Safe Mode. If this doesn’t help, you can try to fix the problem using additional troubleshooting steps using the methods below

1. Run SFC in Safe Mode

To solve this problem it is often fixed by using SFC in Safe Mode.

1. The first step right click on the start button and click to run.

2. After that go to Run Command Windows then type msconfig and click OK.

Run Command

3. Click on the Boot tab then select the Safe Boot with Minimal option and click OK.

Run Command

4. Now go to the pop-up then click on Restart to start the method of Booting Your Computer in Safe Mode.

click on Restart

5. Then you restart the pc in Safe Mode then open a prompt as Admin and start running the SFC command.

2. Run Check Disk Command

1. The first step you have to do is right click on the start button and click prompt (Admin) or PowerShell Admin.

2. Then enter the PowerShell window and type chkdsk.exe / f / r after that press the Enter key then type Y, and press Enter.

PowerShell window

3. After that close the PowerShell Window then Restart your computer, and wait until Windows scans the disk drive for errors and fixes bad sectors.

3. Repair System Files Using DISM

Following are the steps to fix the error using the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) tool for more details follow the method in that.

1. The first step right-click on the start button after that click Command Prompt (admin).

2. Then a prompt window will appear, type DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth and press Enter.

Command prompt

Note: Don’t forget to prepare the area after DISM, Online, and Cleanup-Image.

3. After that all you have to do is wait for the DISM tool to run to see the errors on your computer and fix them.

Note: please note that the DISM process can take from 10 to fifteen minutes or more.

After the DISM Command process is complete now restart your PC and if it is completely error-free the archiving system.

4. Modify Security Descriptors

Because SFC cannot access the winsxs folder and This problem is often fixed by manually modifying the security descriptor.

1. Open prompt as Admin.

2. On the prompt screen, type ICACLS C:\Windows\winsxs and press the Enter Key.

3. After all the processes are finished now close the prompt window and restart your computer.

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